Welcome to the Cape Cod Mass Unit

Our diverse membership attends rallies, rendezvous, and caravans throughout the U.S. and Eastern Canada, but focuses on local activities in the New England area. Our members come from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Eastern Canada.  You don’t have to live on Cape Cod to be a member of the Cape Cod Mass Unit.

Some members of the Cape Cod Unit also belong to the WBCCI “intra-clubs” such as the Vintage Airstream Club, Ham Radio & CB Clubs, Full-timers Club, and the Free Wheelers Club.

Our “Club Capers” Newsletter keeps everyone in touch with Unit news, activities and much more.

While some folks do their Airstreaming in a motorhome, some pull a classic travel trailer.  Old or new, we’ve got ‘em all in the Cape Cod Mass Unit. Whether you camp full-time or on weekends, we’ve got a great selection of activities that can keep you and your family entertained throughout the year. Our “snowbirds” who winter in the warmer climates even enjoy luncheons and rallies under the warm winter sun. The “snowflakes” who weather the New England winters get together and enjoy luncheons while their RV’s rest up for the coming camping season.

Our Cape Cod Mass Unit is truly a “Family of Friends.” We are a great bunch of “everyday folks” who enjoy the Fun, Friendship and Adventure which comes with being a member of WBCCI.

Wandering to Wyoming Caravan members at the Indianapolis Speedway

Some of the fun includes rallies and rendezvous at RV resorts, campgrounds, state parks and fairgrounds. Our caravans might take us to an organized rally or just meander through the mountainside or along our seashores. What is fun without food? There is always something on the “barbie”.  At our activities we all take part whether it’s a pot luck dinner or a meal cooked up on site under our tent.

On the road to Gillette, Wyoming

Friendship is all part of getting together with each other and sharing the everyday experiences of trips on the road along with good family values. Children? Our Cape Cod Unit works very hard to give our children something to do. We often have junior programs at our rallies with prizes to win and guidance by fellow parents and grandparents. You can tag along on a region-run caravan to the annual International Rally held somewhere in North America (this is our “WBCCI Annual Meeting”) or take part in a Unit Caravan here in New England.

The Region 1 Rally held in New England or Eastern Canada is usually the highlight of the year. There you can expect more than 100 RV’s just like yours. They have evening entertainment, many delicious meals, oodles of informative seminars, learning sessions and plenty of sightseeing.

Our rally sites are chosen because they offer locations and activities that are interesting and easy to get to.

Come join us

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