News from July, 2016

2016 Spring Business Mtg. Minutes

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Spring Business Meeting
Cape Cod Unit, WBCCI
Melville Pond Campground
Portsmouth, RI
May 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Scott at 9:40 AM.
Those in attendance rose to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Acting Recording Secretary Ruth Scott called the roll of the Executive Board.
Present were:
President Bob Scott
1st Vice President Wayne Rocheleau
Treasurer Trevor Lake
Past President Mary Rosenbach
Directors:  Larry Lamontagne, Roland St. Laurent and Sarah Nelson
The secretary declared the presence of a quorum.

The minutes of the previous meeting were handed out and were accepted
by the membership. Wayne moved for acceptance and Trevor seconded it

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed by Trevor.
Roland motioned for acceptance and Mary seconded it.

Bob Scott called for the reports from the Officers and Committees.

Committee Reports:

Caravan:  Dottie and Rich Walbridge will no longer have National
or Local involvement.  Larry and Bob will be undertaking Quebec Caravan.

Dottie will continue with her previous assignments:
Director, Editor, Webmaster and Corresponding Secretary.

Membership: Larry Lamontagne reported since Fall Meeting 18 applications
were sent out to prospective members.  7 new applications were received in April 2016.

Newsletter:  Wayne Rocheleau has taken over the newsletter and is
doing a very good job.  He has requested input that would prove
interesting to all members.

 Unfinished Business:

CCMU is looking for volunteers for 2nd Vice President:

New Business:

Nominations for Region 1
President:  Tye Mott
1st Vice President:  Per Hamnqvist
2nd Vice President:  Doug Hart
Trevor motioned to accept.  Mary Rosenbach seconded.

Delegates to International:
Wayne volunteered
Sarah Nelson will be the alternate.

Trevor motioned acceptance of delegates.  Roland seconded.
Delegate will vote in favor to accept new nominations and propositions.

New CCMU flag:
Sarah and Mary are championing creating redesign of Unit flag
to help commemorate 40th Anniversary of CCMU which will occur in 2017.

Nomination Committee (Mary) also identified the need for a 2nd Vice President.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted by
Acting Recording Secretary
Ruth Scott

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